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Customer Care

Speaking of unhappy customers, an example of a troubling trend in big business (not at River City Security Services, Inc.) is building profits at the expense of customers. The genius of this strategy is seen in the fact that while it annoys customers, nothing changes. What is it? It's the use of automated telephone systems to answer and route incoming calls.

You know the routine. You telephone a business and your call is answered by a computerized voice reciting instructions, sometimes lengthy instructions, that usually includes a warning to "Listen carefully because our menu options have changed." Companies began switching to this technology ostensibly to improve call routing efficiency. The real reason is to increase profits. How? By forcing customers to spend their time figuring out and dealing with a computerized telephone system rather than employing a human being, which would make it far simpler and faster for paying customers. Most people strongly dislike these systems, yet the number of them keeps growing. How many companies can you name that used to have automated telephone systems? The frustration and sometimes anger experienced in dealing with these systems is justified because at some level we understand that we're trapped by not being able to hang up, that we're a paying customer receiving horrible service, and that we're being taken advantage of.

River City Security Services, Inc., answers its phone. But that's just the beginning of our personalized service. We don't just talk about service, we walk it. But just reading it here isn't enough; and it shouldn't be, not in an age where deception in advertising is so rampant that it's becoming acceptable. Talk to our customers. We'd like that. We'll be happy to provide contact information. It's time that consumers gave real weight to their feelings. Mistreatment and poor service should be rejected as unacceptable. We need to resist settling for less.

Walking service is meeting clients weekly. We do that. Walking service is Field Supervisors visiting each job every day. We do that. Walking service is Site Supervisors on site to oversee daily duties and on site Security Officers. We do that.

River City Security Services, Inc., is not in business just to find the next Security job, we are in business to meet the Security needs of our clients, people in our community with whom we develop mutually rewarding long-term relationships.