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Why Choose a Local Vendor?

In the board rooms of corporate America, the mandate for greater profits, rapid expansion and rising stock value came at the price of personal relationships and attentive service. The process of getting to know customers in the course of ordinary business was abandoned in favor of the technical functions of marketing and its promise of speedier results. For this to work, however, required major change. Customers had to be transformed into consumer-objects, studied and defined in various ways: demographically, by buying habits, age, marital status, household income, etc. Marketing's job was to understand what influences and drives consumer purchase decisions in order that the behavior becomes predictable.

These departures from earlier business models of people doing business with people, makes it obvious that personal service and relationships are not strangely missing, they have been replaced. Fortunately, however, hope is not lost. Locally owned businesses that appreciate customers and seek meaningful relationships still exist. That means you can choose a Security Company that values its customers, relationships and personal service.


  • In touch with and part of your community
  • The natural development of relationships across company lines
  • Happy workers are better workers


  • Continuity between clients and our staff
  • Familiarity with local issues and concerns
  • Availability


  • Local response time is faster than regional or national
  • Local interest and involvement
  • Availability