Quality Assurance

Committed to Integrity since 1995

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A total systems approach to Quality Assurance (QA) is a primary focus of River City Security Services, Inc.'s Management Team. It includes monitoring of contract requirements, early identification and prompt correction of deficiencies. Our QA Program coordinates quality functions with client representatives, recommends actions to improve procedural practices, maintains trained, competent and qualified Security Officers and implements approved Company policies and procedures pertaining to all areas of quality activity.

River City Security Services, Inc.'s Field Leadership Team implements and tracks all aspects of the Quality Assurance program. Placing this responsibility at the Field Operations level, affords both control and accountability, which are essential for the implementation of quality related activities. Both Security Officers and Supervisory personnel receive extensive on-the-job counseling regarding all aspects of our quality service mission.

River City Security Services, Inc.'s basic and on-the-job training courses cover job standards and levels of performance for each task required of the Security Officer's position. This two-part effort helps insure that knowledge of applicable standards and the importance of maintaining them are an integral part of security operations.

A formal documentation and reporting system is the mechanism for insuring accomplishment of Quality Assurance responsibilities. Once an evaluation is completed and a deficiency has been identified, Field Leadership personnel prepare a report and prompt corrective and preventive action is initiated.